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Alpine's long history is a result of its several important topographical, biological and climatic advantages. Alpine lies on a relatively flat plateau, or mesa, in the Cuyamaca Mountains. The mesa was conducive to abundant springs and the mild climate encouraged a diverse plant and animal food source, making the Alpine area particularly attractive for settlement. Calling the mesa "Mata-qu-qual" (mother of life) and the springs "Ha-quan-yon" (no dry; water all the time), the Yuman-speaking Kumeyaay of Hokan stock made the Alpine area their home over 12,000 years ago. The abundant native grasslands on the clay soils of the mesa provided a diversity of food types--such as the tiny seeds of the native grasses, onion bulbs, potato-like bulbs and celeries. Grassland-nesting birds provided eggs and foraging deer and rabbits provided meat. The rich biodiversity in the Alpine area provided an abundance of other useful plants for medicinal and practical purposes. In addition to hunting and gathering, the Kumeyaay also enhanced their food supply by practicing horticulture and animal husbandry. They had a complete system of land and water management to maintain their resources. Archaeological evidence of the Kumeyaay can be found throughout Alpine. Metates along the streambeds, rock alignments and stone chips that remind us of Alpine's important cultural history. Villages and base camps were located throughout Alpine--E-quílsh-a máhk (behind the mountain) at El Capitan Grande and Heish-ow-Na-wa (rabbit house) on Viejas Reservation are examples. Viejas Mountain had sacred importance to all of the Kumeyaay. Called Kwut' ah Lu' e-ah (song dance), the top of Viejas was the site of an annual celebration by the villagers, where they performed ceremonies heralding the arrival of In'ya--the sun. The area of today's reservation was called Ma-ta-terwa (wide open place).

Alpine also lies on the shortest route between the desert to the east and San Diego. Desert tribes, such as the Quechan or Yuman tribes, traveled through Alpine to get to the ocean to gather shells, fish and other ocean products, while trading pottery made from clay from the Colorado River, agricultural harvest and native desert herbs with tribes along the way. Tribes along the coast traveled to the desert for similar reasons. Being on a major trail route, local villagers had the advantage of sharing the latest news and skills. Archaeological evidence also suggests that different tribes camped in Alpine while on their travels.

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